About Us

Welcome to Legacy Video Services.  We provide quality video recording services to those on a budget.

Why Are You Here?

  • You are here because you are searching for ways to record you or a family member’s legacy to share with your parent, children, grandchildren, and even greatgrandchildren.  Learn more under our Legacy Video Services for Families.
  • You are here because you wish to find an affordable way to record the history and legacy of your family-owned business . . . while everyone is still around to remember the stories, share the moments, and celebrate the success of the business that took years, even generations to build.  Learn more under our Legacy Video Services for Businesses.
  • You are here because you are a small business looking for an affordable and professional means to communicate your services to the world.  Learn more under our Production/Advertising Services.
  • You are an artist, a singer, a musician, an accountant/bookkeeper, a consultant, a storyteller, a speaker, a massage or Reiki master, a personal trainer, or just someone looking for a job and see the potential that a video can do for you.


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